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These music industry links are to help you the musician and or industry professional get you the information you need to further your careers and empower you with the necessary knowledge and tools to take you to the next level... MBB

Social Media

20 Top Social Media Marketing Tools for Musicians

The Big List Of Social Media Tools


Fan Funding Sites For Bands

Kickstarter |

Pledge Music |

RocketHub |

Sellaband |

Performing Rights Organizations (PRO)

A performing rights organization's (PRO) function is collecting performing rights royalties on behalf of its members, composers and music publishers. The PRO then distributes these royalties to its members, minus the PRO's administration costs.




Music Licensing

The Harry Fox Agency |

Music Publishing Organizations

Association of Independent Music Publishers |
Church Music Publishers Association |
International Confederation of Music Publishers |
Music Publishers Association |

This non-profit association addresses itself to issues pertaining to every area of music publishing with an emphasis on the issues relevant to the publishers of print music for concert and educational purposes.

National Music Publishers Association |

Recording Industry News Sites

These websites provide brief, daily updates on the music and radio businesses. It is easy to see who’s signing, who’s cut from the roster, who’s fired, and who’s hired. These various sites also include airplay charts, touring information, as well as the latest Arbitron ratings for radio markets. The sites are especially helpful if you don’t have regular access to the major trade magazines. You must register to receive their updates through the website listed.

Billboard Magazine |

All Access |

All About Country |

Country Aircheck |

US Government

US Patent and Trademark Office |

Copyright Royalty Board |

Federal Legislative Information |

The Office of the US Trade Representative | Strategy

Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP!) |

US Copyright Office |

US House of Representatives |

US Senate |


International Confederation of Music Publishers |

International Intellectual Property Alliance |

Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society |


Nashville Songwriters Association International |

Songwriters Guild |

Songwriters’ Hall of Fame |

General Copyright

The Copyright Society |

Copyright Alliance |

Industry Resources

Music United |

National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences NARAS |

Pro Music |

The Recording Industry Association of America RIAA |

Helpful Sites


Makes it simple for musicians and promoters to connect with each other online.

Downhill Battle

Guerrilla stickering campaign from an activist group against major label corruption and the RIAA.


Offers web hosting services for musicians. A division of CD Baby.

Wired: David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists

David Byrne outlines new and tried-and-true ways for emerging musicians to make money in the changing music industry.

Worldwide band name registry and musician resource. Offers the opportunity for bands, groups, orchestras, and artists to register their names and to search the database to see if their name or proposed name is already in use.

Music biz experts offer free advice concerning gigs, getting signed, and more.

Music Row

Official site for Nashville's music industry publication.


Search record company A&Rs, publishers, managers, producers and their contact info and track-records.

Performer Mag

Musician's resource covering the United States with features on new artists, reviews, information for performers, gig listings, classified ads, and more.


Advice, new artists, CDs, resources, and current news for aspiring musicians.


Features musician-to-musician resources, news, concert listings, and reviews.

Billboard Events

Lists Billboard Music's business-to-business events.

Record Labels & Companies Guide

Offers articles, interviews, forums, and links concerning the music industry.


Hub for unsigned musicians and bands who want to make themselves heard, make friends, and get musical advice.


Online hub for the independent music community.

Outer Sound

Information and support resources for the independent music community.


Resource for musicians. Includes information on getting your music heard, submitting to top A&R scouts, and getting signed.


Helps bands and music venues increase their exposure and build their identity with promotion services, news, and more.


Home for indie musicians.

Helpful Articles
Does Your Band Need a Contract?

Most musicians I know despise talking about contracts of any sort, let alone band member contracts, but hating them doesn't make them any less important. The truth is that while... Read more
Industry Basics

Getting started in the music business, career profiles, recording a demo, salaries, internships, self employment, funding for music projects

Holiday Music Career Boosts

What are you doing for your fans this holiday season? Although this time of year is a tough one for landing column inches and such,
it is the perfect time to give your die-hard fans a little something extra. Find out how to use the holidays to boost your music career
and get your fans excited about what you have planned next.
There are many delights that come along with teaching my music biz class at the College of Charleston, but one of the

How Do Performance Rights Royalties Work?

Now that Thanksgiving is a wrap, let's get into something really fun - royalties!

Find out how performance rights royalties work

Putting Together Your Demo - Which Songs Should You Choose?

Whether you've got designs on a record deal or not, chances are that sometime in your musical journey,

you're going tohave to put together a
demoHow to Choose Songs for a Demo

Music Industry Quick Tip: Don't Stop at No

"No" is not the end of the world. Commit that sentence to memory, because "no" is a word you'll hear a lot in the music industry. No, the label won't release your album. No, the promoter won't book your show. No, you're not going to get the review. "No" isn't necessarily a statement about your work or your music. Many times, "no" is really code for, "I'm not the one to best help you with this project." Trust me, you want everyone working on your music to love it. "No" can be your best friend, since it frees you up to invest your time in finding the people who ARE the best fit. The trick is how you respond to a negative reply. Find out what you should do once you hear the dreaded n-o word.

Does Your Band Need a Contract?

Most musicians I know despise talking about contracts of any sort, let alone band member contracts, but hating them doesn't make them any less important. The truth is that while many, many bands function without any form of written agreement, a contract can go a long way towards protecting everyone's interests, making the band run more smoothly and even shielding the friendships of the band members from the strain business can put on them. A contract doesn't have to mean that you're harboring suspicions of your fellow musicians - really, a band contract simply makes sure everyone is on the same page when it comes the business the band does. Does your band need a contract? Find out what to consider and see if your band should put it in writing pronto.

What To Ask Before You Hire a Manager

It would be difficult to overstate the impact a manager can have on a musician's career, and so it follows that hiring a manager is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Finding your perfect manager fit can help you reach your music goals much faster. Hooking up with the wrong manager has just the opposite effect - in fact, a rocky relationship with a manager can put your music career on life support.Finding that manager is about a lot more than trying to sign up with whatever manager has the more star-studden roster of clients. Shared philosophy and vision, easy and open communication and a mutual belief in your music all matter. In other words, your manager should be as excited about your music as your are, approachable and available to listen to your questions and ideas and on the same page as you about how to accomplish your music goals. To make sure you're linking up with the best manager for you,

ask these questions before you sign that contract.

How to Protect Your Music

The legal side of things might not be your favorite part of your music career, but if you want to make a living playing your songs, it's really important that you learn to protect yourself. There are a lot of great people working in the music industry, but unfortunately there are also a lot of rip off artists, con people and fraudsters. Understanding the music industry lingo and knowing some basics about contracts and your rights will help you make sure no one takes the credit (and the cash) for your hard work.